It says something about me that I don’t remember creating this site.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an idiot (most of the time), but I can’t for the life of me setting up all this, nor, importantly why I did it.

It was probably because I was trying to establish setting up a blog on the site, to show someone I was no doubt helping with some mild internet geekery.  I suppose linking it to makes sense.  Use the domain I own.  I DO remember buying the domain for cowtango, and I DO use cowtango a lot – it’s my gaming nom-de-guerre so to speak.  I like it as its more dynamic than my surname.  It has motion implicit in the words – ‘go’ and ‘tango’ – also it has amusement (at least for me) as the idea of a cow doing the tango is quite smile-worthy.

Doing a YouTube search for “cow tango” brings up some interesting things, but no cows doing tangos… that is probably a gap in the animal-dancing market.

Now at least if I happen upon my own handiwork in months to come, I’ll rest safe in the knowledge that I had no idea why I did this back then (now) either.

Part of me is pleased that I’ve contributed to the needless bytes of ‘information’ that’s on the web, and is of no use to anyone – apart from analysts trying to decipher why this writer is a crazy-man.