If you’re sat in a team meeting (as I am right now) – how many people is too many? I’m looking at the room we’re in and there isn’t enough desk space for everyone. Not Good. There isn’t even enough space for bums on seats. Even Worse. This got me thinking what an ideal number of attendees for a meeting would be?

We all know that large doesn’t work – too large and it is a conference (one talker, lots of listeners). Too small and you either don’t make any decisions or if you do, the few people will do all the work.

I have an answer – the ideal number of attendees at a meeting is 7. firstly, its not too many that its unruly, not too small that nothing can be decided. Lastly, its an odd number, meaning that any ‘count’ or ‘vote’ will always get decided as there isn’t any chance of getting a split result.

One could always not host the meeting in the first place – how many meetings actually need to happen? Not many I’d suggest – but then maybe I’m stuck in one that shouldn’t be happening…