There are many sites/blogs around talking about the new and amazing features that we’d like to see on the eventual PS4, which is due out anytime (according to reports) between now and eternity.

As an ‘Adult’ gamer, I felt I’d add for my own record, my thoughts about what would improve matters immensely.

1. Abandon the horrible Browser – Go with Google Chrome.

I just don’t know why Sony persist – you’re not good at browsers, so give up. Google make a good one, so why not use that?

2. Multi-tasking

Want to open the Browser whilst in a game. Oh NO, you can’t. But Oh YES I should be able to.  this is 2012, not the mid ’90s.

3. Clever media serverishness

I just want one device, to easily and seamlessly be able to access my stuff. Away from the home. EFFORTLESSLY. FROM ANYWHERE.

4. Adult Social Media

There must be a way to include better ‘social media’ rather than the entirely childish way it works now?  I mean PS ‘HOME’ for heavens sake?  even the avatar icons by default are a bit childish?

5. More USB ports?

Let’s just do this now eh? revamp current PS3, make it smaller, and provide a few USBs on the back for the devices one connects behind the scenes, for that shitty camera for example.  Whilst we’re on the subject:

6. Improve that shitty camera.

See previous comment about it being 2012 now. That Camera hasn’t changed in 7 years… If you’re going to use the technology Sony, for heavens sake USE it and develop it properly.

7. Promote or Die: MOVE

Either get behind PS Move, or just kill it off. I favour the latter, they all require too much space.. Sony need to chalk it down to experience (the ‘copying the Wii experience) and innovate properly. And don’t copy XBox no controller malarky…

8. Cloud storage for all

Cloud storage shouldn’t just be a paid for feature. I know you have lots of PS customers, but give them some storage. Pay for more. Pay for peripheral services.

Wow, I think I can breathe now. Even though no one reads this, I feel better. Much Better.