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Now, this may be the last of the ‘internet & connectivity’ entries that I’ll write, and it may not. As such, it’s a question, as I’m not sure I have the answer. If you do, let’s hear it!

I realise that aside from some practical improvements to broadband speed and access for the rural Welsh, there is a need to develop and change attitudes on a societal level. It’s moving the notion of web or of the internet from something that is new fangled, foreign or ‘from the town’ to being something that like water, electricity or gas is a service, and a given. If you live in a city, as I do, you may well consider it absolute and non-negotiable that a property has excellent internet connectivity potential, and that all businesses have at least an email address to interact with. If Wales is ever to become a leading internet enabled economy, then both domestic and business attitudes need to change, on a national scale, and driven by business, individuals and the government.

Although I work in Change Management – this particular challenge would seem almost too big?!