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After my recent spate of internet/broadband related posts on this site….

Back in London, with a speedy, stable internet connection, I now ask myself… would I have written so much about broadband and internet connectivity in Wales had it just worked and given me access to the things I wanted, without having to think up things to do in between page loads?

Probably not.  I guess I might have been a bit apathetic.  I’m no different to others in that regard. Feed me, water me, put a few quids (£) in my pocket and give me unfettered internet access and I’ll be a happy subservient citizen.

OH-EMMM-GEEE! This is the secret to the recent people-unrest in the Arab world and beyond (think UK riots!)..They need food, water, money and free internet access…. I am a genius….I should write more, but wait – Facebook, LinkedIn and BBC News websites beckon me for attention.