We’ve been trying to buy a house in recent weeks, and have therefore had to deal with estate agents. Some small businesses some slightly larger, but none of the national / big boys like Foxtons. I mean, who who has a conscience, would actually engage Foxtons?

So as I said, estate agents.  I call them, I ask for info on a property, maybe arrange a viewing. So far, so good. Then they say (in a smarmy voice): “Well, what I’m going to do is confirm this in an email and send you other properties that match what you’re after, and I’ll do it this afternoon”…only that never happens, and never  comes.  They just don’t do it, or if they do, it is several days late.  You falsely set my expectations. I now think you’re shoddy as hell.

A few other annoyances:

  1. Not listening – I want a charming Victorian terrace house…what do I get- any old rubbish they think matches 3 bedrooms and is in the right area (sometimes not even that)
  2. Being crap at your job – we’ve all had those spikey haired idiots showing us properties who don’t care, and don’t have a clue. “I’ve opened the door for you, what more do you want?”
  3. Being all about the on-sell. I do not want to talk to your ‘very well experienced’ mortgage adviser who is ‘in a unique position’.

The annoying thing is, this can all be solved with some very basic, off the shelf technology.  If you have it already, use it properly.  Also-  manage your work better so if you say you’re going to call, do it. If I broke promises at work like you guys do, I’d have no respect and wouldn’t be able to get stuff done.

It really beggars belief that these guys do such a minimum amount of work/effort/professionalism to get their commission.


Moan Over.