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You know when you do a search these days for a business on Google, the chances are, it will appear in a side area separate to results, and will display the key information like Name, a photo, a map, telephone number. Go on, have a go. Type in ‘Goodfellows Mitcham’.. this is an estate agents, somewhere we initially started looking for properties.

Now, I’m not calling this ‘intelligence’ per se – but there’s a lot afoot in the world of search to understand the context that you’re searching for and display that to you from indexed pages in a way that is easy to understand, quick and doesn’t involve lots of hit and miss clicks onto other pages (which you can still do)..

I wonder if we’ll get that in our work lives anytime soon? I was wondering whether it would be possible to administrate an organisation’s Human Resources, with just a search box like Google, plugged into the necessary employee data? If you wanted to check leave type, or add a benefit, a simple search for employee name, then the term in question could bring up a simplified interface enabling the transaction. I mean why not.

The ‘intelligence’ would come with a degree of second guessing -what would an ERP wide system be able to second guess in that way? what would it suggest needs doing based on surfacing information?

Needs some thought, but I thought it first.