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A quick poll of my colleagues and friends revealed that most folks got an email to say they were either top 5% (me – hooray), or top 10% of LinkedIn’s most actively searched members. Or something.

No matter. It’s a great idea – send round mails saying you’re valuable, and it encourages more positive behaviour. It is re-inforcing and I like it. We should adopt it for ERP Systems. “You’re one of the most active users of Management Reports, well done” type of thing. A nudge in the right direction.

Two questions to ponder though:

– Did everyone get a message like this from LinkedIn? Would sort of loose it’s power if everyone got one, or would if everyone found out about it….
– What about those folks who are languishing, and bit-part users of a website or system? It’s hardly going to encourage them folks is it? “You’re the least active 10% of users, buck your ideas up…”

It also makes people competitive – “What, THEY got top 5% and I only got top 10%…I’m WAY better than them..” The net result is still more usage on LinkedIn.. Go them…