A few weekends ago, I noticed some wiring outside the green box on my street from which the Cable services come from.  I took some pictures. I tweeted to @Virginmedia about it. Then I went for a jog, and I saw still further bits of wiring outside other green boxes around. It doesn’t take a lot of thinking to see some half-wit angry at being employed git has been doing some improvements in the area, and has been littering consistently around the streets. Here.. See I took a picture…

Rubbish wires left over by a careless employee

Rubbish wires left over by a careless employee

So What?

So What? I’ll tell you. You just can’t get away from the fact that my impression of Virgin Media has been damaged. It’s the worst kind of damage – I just get the impression that they don’t give a shit. That’s bad.

More than that, I can’t help but think that if the right people at Virgin Media were doing their job properly, their people should CARE more about it.. I mean care about the environment yes, and care about the community, but perhaps care that customers, or future customers live on the street you’re littering on. So even if you can’t make your people have decent values like a human being, you can alert them to a basic business rule – don’t shit on your customers’ lawns.  I’m not convinced that’s a definite business rule, but it SHOULD be. Another business rule should be to not drop litter outside the box you’ve been messing around in, on a street outside a customers house.  DUMB ASSES.