There was a time when the release of a new variant of phone would be pretty exciting. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t keep an eye on the news running up to the press conference from Samsung in New York recently. I most certainly did not stay up late for it, and I didn’t watch any part of it – and glad I didn’t by the sounds of it.

In spite of some ‘innovation’ on the S4 like the dubious smart scroll / smart pause functionality, I find myself a bit nonplussed by it.  Nonplussed by most smartphones it has to be said.  The hardware looks OK (the HTC One being a good looking phone), but it’s just the fact that providers seem truly intent on taking baby-steps in the development of phones – small step after small step.

What I want is an ecosystem  I want to own a phone which can be used by work and home.  I want to know that when I come home (for example), the phone knows I’m at home, and goes into ‘home mode’ perhaps routing calls seamlessly to a different ‘land line’ or handset.  I’d also like to have a soft-phone for use on Computers – so if I’m on my laptop, my mobile just pops up on screen and I can use it there.  Then, when I’m doing something, I want the phone to be a workstation. plug it into a dock, and off it goes – a mobile workstation with everything I need.

Now I listen to my own lonely monologue (rant) on this, I realize that this vision isn’t for everyone. It’s probably too complex. People with multiple phones in a household probably want the privacy of sticking to one handset, and no one wants work to interfere with their private life.

So then, as you were.