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I recently purchased the magazine ‘Wired’.  I used to subscribe to it.  I enjoy reading it. I do. There’s one problem though.  Reading it, I get the feeling that I too should have some kind of cool idea, or new ‘thing’. I too should be leading edge IT-society-new-media-funky-alternate-view on life.  It puts pressure on me.  I’m left with a gut feeling that somewhere I have an idea just waiting to pop. But no…it never pops out.

I think we need a website or magazine that features very old stuff, very established stuff. It could demonstrate and talk about established businesses who’ve been doing the same thing, in the same way for decades.  It could talk about non web / unsocial media / old media ideas, business models and solutions.  That way, people like me could bask in our new worldy skills and opinions..we could come up with ideas and solutions to real problems and issues (we think), and not just simply how to use Twitter in ‘new’ or ‘innovative’ ways. We could stop trying to apply social media to every walk of life and every scenario.

So there you go – a manifesto for coverage of the ordinary, of the hum-drum, of standard and established things. But mind you, if that’s all I read, I’d probably come up with the dot matrix printer as the much needed innovation that every business needs….wait, it’s not is it? has someone already had that idea? let me go check on Google!!