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In trying to tell Brooks why I’d love to test a new saddle for them, I had this to say… is it too much? 🙂

“Each passing mile that I do on my bike, with my Brooks saddle, is like an another win at conkers, or collecting that sticker you’ve been trying to get for ages, to complete the Italian team for Italia 90. Each rotation of the pedals: each hill, each free-wheel all adds together to make the bike become part of who I am. It’s more than just Reynolds tubing, Shimano gears, Ortlieb panniers and a Brooks saddle – its’ intrinsic to who I am.

I’ll gladly test your saddle, but MY Brooks will be carefully taken off, the underside waxed, the leather tightened just a smidge, then it will be laid next to my expensive hand made English shoes and my hand made Suit. I’d like to confirm that your new saddle deserves to rest in this pantheon of greatness.”