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Oh, OK, one last entry. I’m still OK with regards working fingers (see the previous post). I found it amusing that some folks have read my blog, and the general response seems to be: ‘awful’.  Not the content, or the odd meanderings of course – these are an extension of the kind of rubbish I spout daily and are generally tolerated. No, its’ my grammar, spelling and occasional typo that gets the pedants blood boiling.  I get that language is ‘a thing’, and not a variable thing; but a precise thing – to be used to convey meaning using well defined rules, parameters and understanding but in the heat of the moment, when stealing a few to write some words, review isn’t always possible – it’s a luxury.

I think I need three things, when It comes to blogs – firstly a subject that sets my blog apart from others…secondly a measure of regularity (you could hardly call me prolific) and thirdly…an editor in chief…

PS, these last few posts were written on a plane yesterday, where for once, I felt alive enough to think. Well, kind of think – they are after all littered with mistakes, poorly thought out and make no real ground-breaking conclusions. Lucky that’s not always what blogs need to do or be about.