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Everyone should know a Details Person – that’s a fact. They are very useful indeed.  I happen to be marrying one, and her attention to detail is like nothing you’ve ever seen.  It’s not that she doesn’t think strategically, or has some other inherent flaw – she doesn’t.. but she DOES do detail like you wouldn’t believe…

The thing that makes her attention to detail so powerful is in fact her rigour – I think we’re all capable of seeing the mini-steps to accomplish a task, but we ain’t all able to stay there, to process large volumes of data and then come up and look again at the whole.  That’s why they’re damn useful folks to have around.

If you’re not marrying one like I am, maybe get one to work in your finance or Project Management teams..

I say this because in years gone by, you’ll probably have done some kind of management detritus where you get to classify yourself into a personality type.. Invariably, the details guys are ‘boring’, ‘analytical’, ‘unadventurous’ that kind of thing.  That’s just bull-crap… Out of the two of us, it’s not me that goes and does crazy-ass stuff, wants to travel to dangerous parts of the world like The Cotswolds (Ok, I mean places the Foreign Office don’t want us to go), and likes to traverse canyons on a zip wire…..

I suppose its the way her brain works (the detail bit, not the danger).. it’s just a programming and a method of thought.. and not a defining feature of personality.

An odd tribute to my future wife, I know.