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Whether or not you like social media, and whether or not you like to share your photos, work on a project with a friend outside of work, tweet, post on Facebook or otherwise enjoy your media with a social twist, Do you do it at work, and could work and ‘social’ ever mix?

I am hearing more and more organisations who are now looking at Enterprise social media and collaboration tools – as if they’re going to realise some kind of halcyon future, where productivity jumps 50%, where training is no longer required (they teach each other), where meeting rooms are never needed, travel doesn’t happen and everyone just gets along fine and dandy thank you very much…

It never happens like that (Exception proves the Rule), and yet investments are being made in all sorts of technology.  Take MS SharePoint, which has been around for ages and ages…almost as long as like an iphone or something or other really really old things…it  now has features which nudge it clumsily into the social and sharing world. Yet  many places just don’t use all that faff. They ignore it. They share a few docs sure, but nothing else…  Yammer is another example. People are ‘too busy’ to ‘chat’, and too busy to share insightful professional noise to a network of people.  Whether or not these tools have merit, the question I’m left thinking about as I work lonely from my Saudi Cell, is “Should ones work try to emulate social networks, powers and phenomena?”  Before a social network is a thing, it’s a no-thing, by which I mean they tend to be in and of themselves… try to apply that to a business, and you’re probably about to watch it fail.

One idea could be to look at how, what, who and when a business operates and look whether things could be run differently. Could you do a process a different way? Could different, more, or less people get stuck in?

Sounds a bit like hot air, but I suppose what I’m getting at is maybe each business needs to find it’s own Unique Selling Point for it’s own version of social and figure out tools and apps for it after that.