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Since some people (ok, a person) at work, (in Saudi Arabia…you know who you are Yousef) found out that I occasionally like to commit thought to internet through this blog, I’ve had to endure a number of humorous comments about my blogging about mundane things. As if I’d do that. It goes something like this: I make a comment about such and such a thing, or I make a remark about a trend I’d experienced and I get a slightly raised eyebrow, and ever-so-slight mocking tone: “you should blog about that…”.

It’s odd: its as if the diary writing generation is back, but this time everyone can and only a few will read the blog, its there for ever-more and is a permanent record of my info-babble, and yet in its openness lies its security and privacy.

When I choose what to blog, I do get genuinely good ideas but then I forget all the good stuff though and have to resort to writing about half-had conversations with a Saudi-American. Hash-tag ohwell.

PS: the concept of the ‘diary writing generation’ is an interesting one. In my mind, I see a futuristic world where beard clad men and women (oh yes I said it), walk around in free-flowing robes, and simply document their day in great detail. As a whole generation is writing, no one is interested. Eventually. Because all they write is ‘Dear Diary, I got up, I ate, I wrote, I rested’ they decided to create a micro-diary writing format that took the world by storm because they could no longer be bothered to write their full diaries. Then their beards fell off. For no obvious reason.