Someone tried to assassinate me at work today!

Not literally of course: I don’t think a blog entry would be my first response if so. No , this person tried to character and performance assassinate me in discussing a project with my superior. They talked about things which were frustrations arising between the way we both worked and our interaction with each other (i.e. The murderers’ fault)

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind bad feedback and I think I can cope with it quite well. Being newly married, this is a skill I’m all to aware I’ve got. In this case though, its the a) underhanded and b) in this case not true facts that wind me up.

There’s not much I can do about it. My vindictive side is shouting out for revenge, but the sane part of me knows that the murderer in question probably feels the need to find others to hold on to whilst trying to deflect from his own short comings.

I also know that I’m not blameless, how could I be? Above all else, a consultants skill-set should be about being able to get on with everyone, internal colleagues and everything. I have failed this time, with this one. The fact that he tries to kill me tells me so.

There’s not much to be done about it because you don’t get to having had a long career (and this dude has had a LONG career), without being resolute and without having developed an immunity or a defence mechanism against such encounters. Someone I know once called these people sponges.. no matter what stress they get under, they always return to their original shape.

Maybe that behaviour comes through getting assassinated?!