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When a new phone comes out, it’s distributed to lucky sods who promptly wax lyrical about it to the webisphere. I actually think that most (90%) use the same original post and rehash it all. Only very few present anything new. I know-this, because I read most reviews, but when I’m purchasing a new phone, I read a LOT.

They will review the phone immediately ‘pre hands on’ and say things like: “Battery life seems good, but I’ll know for sure when I use it”.. sorry to be so American, but WTF? You’ve just wasted my time. I might as well say. “I’m sure the Aston Martin will be very comfortable when I drive it”. Idiots.

Then they get an ‘extensive hands on’ review, where they use it for oooh.. a week. or maybe longer. These are better, and start to highlight annoyances and gripes. Good stuff. It’s here the phone makers should be looking for tips on how to improve their devices.

I’m going to quickly review the phone I’ve had for 2 years. The Samsung Galaxy Note (1 – or N7000). I’m going to do so quickly. Samsung, if you ever read this, think on’t will ya? Think on’t.

  • The stylus thing is utter rubbish. How can you write coherently on a device whilst holding it. The angles don’t work if you put it on the table either. The fabled sensitivity just isn’t there. Your software is utter crud too.
  • The ‘phablet’ form factor is actually quite good, and having a nice big screen was a bonus for movies, iplayer or other things. That said, I’ve gone smaller again, as my pockets are all strained (see previous post…)
  • You should not bundle utter drivel software and then not allow me to remove it. How dare you! It’s like selling me a car, then putting a passenger or a plant in one seat, that cannot come out.
  • Samsung – stop trying to make software – you’re just not very good at it. Or if you prefer, invest millions to get good at it.  Maybe give up on the idea that you too can be an ‘ecosystem’ for content.. just let someone else do that.
  • Performance: It started OK, and went down hill from there.  For most of the last year, the phone is almost unusably slow.  Opening phone, going to Chrome, then to phone dialler, then making a call could possibly take 2 mins, with much delays. It cannot be relied upon. When I needed the phone most (important directions on maps, or a quick internet look up of a number), it was usually a let down.
  • Physical. The phone has stood up to a fair degree of abuse. It’s shiny metal coloured plastic has worn off. maybe consider real metal or something that isn’t paint.
  • Battery – No worse than anything else, I’ve seen, but no better.

I feel so much better now.  I feel like I’ve done my bit for the ‘real user’ who gets saddled with a phone for years, not the fan-boys who get one every week.

If you’re going to comment – I want to see a quick review of your old phone. Do it.