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Are you one, two or several people when it comes to social media, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (and so on)?

I’ve had a few random conversations with folks over the last few weeks, and most people have looked pretty shocked when I say that my Facebook profile and my LinkedIn profile, and this blog are interlinked. That is, they look aghast at the prospect of uniting home and work personas.  As if the two cannot exist.

It certainly does fly in the face of conventional wisdom. A lot of time, you hear about people who post things on Facebook when they shouldn’t, then get sacked. Like this woman: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1206491/Woman-sacked-Facebook-boss-insult-forgetting-added-friend.html (sorry about the use of The Daily Mail). Fancy adding your boss as a friend (or allowing it to be added) then ranting about him being ‘pervvy w@nker’ (Brilliant). Aside from the ‘if you’re going to go’ thought, it’s a bit crazy isn’t it?

Normal folks will tell you that your friends don’t want to hear about your work updates. “Hey all, lol, I just edited this Benefits Management Strategy”.

I say poo-ey to that. Learn to unite your separate selves into a cohesive whole. It’s really quite simple. Try to be the same person at all times, try not to post hurtful or insulting stuff without a recognition that you might, at some point get found out.  I’m sure folks on FB can learn to ignore posts that are semi-work related (like this one)…and I’m sure that a lively and vibrant person will be more attractive to potential work colleagues wanting to network.

Anyhow, I have to go – I just want to end by saying my boss is a complete pervvy w@nker, and I like totally hate them. like totally man. yeah man.