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We got a spot of inclement weather at work yesterday. We had an ‘Email Storm’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Email_storm

(I just noticed someone has added the specific example to the wikipedia page for my employer. Before you ask, it was NOT me).

It’s a glorious glimpse into modern work society, and provides an insight into the folks who respond. As is pointed out on the page, the list was sent to some 47k people.  More than 500 individuals responded, before I think IT stopped the mail at server.

If you’ve never experienced this, you need to know only one thing: when you get it, don’t take any action. Don’t even tell people to take no action. Don’t tell people to ‘stop replying to all’… by replying to all….

A personal favourite is the ‘supremely important people’ who respond saying “I’m too busy doing real work to read all these emails”. Also a fond favourite are the guys who show their selfish side, by immediately responding: “take me off this list”. or respond with “I have nothing to do with this”.  As if that can happen by sending to all 47k people.

Lastly, the group of people who feel a picture, large text or something else ‘funny’ is the way to go. I wonder how much this email mistake cost the company? It is funny though, but really want to show your boss that you’re responding personally to SPAM emails?

Here, for you pleasure (stop reading now if bored), are some of the highlights…

  • +3. +2 +1? Countdown to WHAT exactly? (I counted someone doing a +5 before THAT one stopped)
  • “PLEASE STOP THIS NOW” (presumably shouted in pain)
  • Por favor, sacadme de esta cadena de correos, me colapsan el trabajo.Un saludo. The obvious irony of responding to all in a foreign language lost on this particular dude.. OR WAS IT? I do like the ‘Colapsan el trabajo’ bit. Implies collapsing at work due to email load.
  • Someone responded with “Pls stop reply to all” and included The Pope. Disciplinary for sending offensive religious images? (not saying it is, but it COULD be thought such by some):


  • Someone else shouted IN BIG RED TEXT: PLEASE STOP REPLYING…
  • Another essentially swore at us with a ‘WTF’? I like that acronym.. not sure about sending it at work though?
  • Another guy sent a small essay about how to block the email and such like. Yawn.
  • Another celebrated the social event. Good for them: “That is the biggest social event I ever participate within Capgemini. Good opportunity to meet colleagues from different part of organization.”
  • Yet another showed good old British anger by adding “For crying out loud” which in a manner of speaking, he was.
  • Lastly,  “The king of Sweden demands this madness stop RIGHT NOW !”. Which, to my mind, SHOULD have stopped it all. Bizarrely sent around with the King riding an Elk.

For reference, if I was to respond, I’d have gone with the picture of two stick men having doggy-style sex…which some random dude, at a previous employer, actually did.

See the carousel for hastily researched photos, whacked into the email trail: