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This week is a week away from work, but not a week away from HARD work. A long diarised holiday has seen my parents (experienced gardeners) visit from North Wales.  Having ‘gone on’ at Mum for several weeks, they were ‘enthusiastically’ helping me on the allotment this afternoon! 🙂

First, we got a bonfire going (before it becomes banned all summer), and burnt off the small mound of blackberry roots, sticks, bits of tree, nettles and other burnable wood based stuff. The ash (I’m told) will do good things around base of fruit trees.

Fire in a dustbin


Next, Dad reminded me how plant potatoes, whilst Mum weeded, dug up turf.  Keeping the fire fed all afternoon, we managed to plant out the raspberry bushes and the red currant bush, and generally tidy up the plot. More to follow tomorrow. Generally a great spring afternoon to spend doing what previous generations have done.