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You have to feel sorry for my lovely wife.

It could be argued that when I do something ‘non house-trained’ and I try to legitimize it with business consultant speak. This is a bit like when at work, you don’t do something (or do it badly) and you add business consultant speak flim flam around that subject to make your actions seem deliberate.  Before any previous or future clients develop a frenzied outrage – remember that we all do it.

With this in mind, I present the following:

‘The open kitchen drawer. Process improvement or laziness? Discuss’. Note: this picture is not our kitchen.

Open  Drawers

Surely you can see that If I have a drawer with things I need regularly, like cutlery; then it makes sense to keep it handily available (AKA open). Probably over my lifetime, this will save me 1 or 2 minutes of activity.  That’s an improvement that is.