It’s been a while since I’ve been inspired (read bothered) enough to write anything down. That in and of itself is interesting. I wondered why, and came up with a few reasons. Conclusion: I need an itch to scratch and mental capacity to scratch it.

  1. New job. Moving to a new job has presented plenty for my brain to chew over. Hopes, dreams, aspirations, frustrations and all of it takes time to get into, and around ones brain.
  2. Building work. Having builders in to knock walls down, rip things out, rebuild, make new, improve. It creates dust. And dis-order. But there is hope they will finish. And order will return and energy will be diverted from thinking about measurements, materials and workmanship to thinking about other more pleasurable things.
  3. Elite Dangerous. Yes its in BETA, and yes I’ve been playing a bit. It’s addictive and its’ not even finished. In essence, I wish I was a space-man.
  4. Changing Careers. Technically, I’m no longer an ‘agent of change’ working within the Organisational Change Management arena. I’ve likened it to a religion in the past, and I still believe that. I may not be a consultant any more, but I spot the need for managing change more acutely now. Especially working in an IT department like I do.

    So there you go. 4 good reasons why I’ve not written anything in my hardly-read blog. Thanks if you do.