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Right, and now for a rant.

I’ve always said that you should treat social media like real life. It is real life after all. You wouldn’t easily be scammed in the street by someone trying to get your bank details off you. You wouldn’t shout secrets out, or give random strangers pictures of your naked children. You just wouldn’t.

I tell you something else you wouldn’t do – you wouldn’t bump into an acquaintance you’ve maybe only met a few times, or worked with years ago and say “hey, wanna play this cool game with me?” “it’s called Candy Crush, and we can compete to get the highest score”.


A simple rule then: I will probably say no to most requests. I may say yes If I feel like we would naturally spend an afternoon playing a board game in a pub*, without it being odd. Otherwise its a no from me, you weirdo.

* I hardly go to pubs on afternoons, on any day of the week.