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Sometimes (OK Often-times) a blog is about stating the obvious.  I’m going to do that now.

I would like to introduce you to the concept of the ‘Topsy-Turvy Hour’.  Ever felt swamped by your rapidly expanding to-do list and inbox? When you’re at work, things come in to your inbox, then get superseded by other newer stuff and your feelings of frustration increase? You had intentions to deal with those things, but the here and now took over?

You’re working at 100 mph and like a frenetic bee, you just keep moving to the latest flower?

Well, worry no longer, as I present ‘Topsy-Turvy Hour’. Go ahead and stick it in your diary now. Re-occurring for ever.

The concept is simple and obvious. Every week (or interval of your choosing), for an hour, re-sort you inbox by (wait for it….) ‘oldest first’. Then tackle those emails and tasks for an hour. Cue satisfied feeling deep within.

BOOM. I know right? As the kids say ‘amazeballs’.

You heard it here first, or second.