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I get Branding. I understand why we stay ‘on brand’ if we’re facing the market place. That’s a ‘no brainer’.

I do wonder why Branding Teams are so forceful on each and every internal (and purely internal) pieces of work. I’m talking about times when you’re working on (perhaps) a team focused document, or something related to how your organisation runs, not its customers . These things will never be market facing (its not that kind of a thing).

The ‘rules’ would say you can’t do logos, can’t do strap lines and can’t stray from the clear brand rules. Why? What am I missing here?

I’ve experienced this in many if not most of the places I’ve worked and the clients I’ve been posted to.

Brand Guidelines

I suppose that enforcement:

  • Promotes a sense of togetherness
  • Creates internal documents/presentations which are slick and look like clean public facing collateral
  • Prevents dilution of the brand internally (does this matter?)


  • It could stifle innovation
  • It doesn’t matter if its internal – why worry? And not all internal things ‘seep’ to the outside world – we’re not idiots in the workplace
  • It stops the individual initiatives within an organisation finding their own voice and being distinctive – it all blurs into the background noise we all get, which in a funny kind of a way DOES dilute the brand.